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Drink Spirits

Drink Spirits

Drink Spirits: With its roots in the rebirth of the classic cocktail scene and the explosion in American micro-distilleries, Drink Spirits steps in to cover the increasing number of options in the spirits category with a very real, unpretentious and frank look at spirits.

Drink Spirits took off like a race horse out of the gate and has received attention for its Top 10 Irish Whiskey , An Exploration of Tequila and Mezcal, An Exploration of Cognac and Cognac Ferrand and reviews of unique spirits like Bakon Vodka (Bacon Flavored Vodka) and Double & Twisted Light Whiskey.

On Portland: An Online Magazine featuring the best events, restaurants, people and places of Portland, Oregon. Coverage from On Portland has been featured nationally including reviews of American Idol’s Launch Tour, Patton Oswalt, Star Wars in Concert, Bob Saget and Miley Cyrus Wonder World Tour. Interviews with Randy Couture, Adam Lambert, and Josh Kornbluth.

Locally On Portland has won acclaim for its pieces on the Portland Public High School Redesign and its Live Blog of Portland Opera’s Rigolleto.

Kleinman.com has also run Cosmetic Connection, Ask The Makeup Diva, Video Game Talk and DVD Talk. In 2007 we successfully sold DVD Talk and Video Game talk through a successful acquisition.

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